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Learn more about the possibilities of using clip-in extensions. You can find the instructions for the different clip-in extensions here. If you have any further questions, please read our FAQ or write us at:



    Anwendung_Clip_In_Extensions Anwendung_Clip_In_Extensions Anwendung_Clip_In_Extensions


Tease your roots where you want to attach the clip-in hair extensions. To attach and detach, open the hair extension clips by bending them into the opposite direction. Attach the clip-in hair extension as close to the scalp as possible, starting at the neck. Clip-in Extensions are the ideal way to try out different color combinations. Using the following instructions for using our clip-in extensions, you can lengthen your hair in no time at all. Fastening the hair extensions is just as easy as removing them. That's why our Rubin clip-in extensions are so practical. They are simply clipped in underneath the top layer of your hair. You can then treat the extensions the same way as your own hair. Would you like to style your extensions? No problem! Whether it's using a curling iron or a hair dryer, you can practically style your hair any way with the human hair extensions while the hair still continues to shine. So you can easily change the look of your hair extensions for any occasion, whether you want to go to a party or create a chic business look. There are no limits to your imagination and your taste when using our clip-in extensions!



How to use tape-in extensions


Anwendung_Tape_In_Extensions_Hair Anwendung_Tape_In_Extensions Anwendung_Tape_In_Extensions

Tape-in extensions are placed into your hair using the “sandwich” method. That means that you will part a strand of your hair with a comb and attach a strand of tape to it from above and below. Make sure that you attach both the upper and lower strands of your skin wefts to the base of the strand at the same distance from the scalp. This is the only way to make your hair extension look symmetrical.

For the attachment of our tape-in extensions, you can use our miniature straightening iron. Its dimensions and the temperature of the ceramic plates are perfectly made for our skin wefts. Should you have any problems attaching your tape-in extensions by yourself, please ask your hairdresser for help.



Part your hair with a comb
and put the upper part of the hair up with a clip so that it does not interfere
with the next steps.


Take a strand of hair from
your tape-in extensions set and stick it to the top side of your own parted
hair. The distance to the scalp should be about 2 millimeters. Make sure that
the tapes are only attached to the hairs directly adjacent to each other.


Take another strand of hair and glue it to the underside of your own hair strand. Here too, the distance to the scalp should be about 2 millimeters in order to achieve an even result. Then you can let your hair down again.


Work your way up following steps 1 through 3 on the back of the head. Then do the same to the sides of your head.


You should place a maximum of 2 rows of hair between the sandwiches, though placing only one inbetween is even better. The tapes should not be placed too close to the scalp, as this will have an effect on how well they will stay in place. Approximately 5 mm distance is ideal.

Then lightly glue on with the straightening iron set to a high temperature.

Learn more about the possibilities of using Keratin bond extensions. You can find the instructions here. If you have any further questions, please read our FAQ or write us at:



Lengthening your hair using our strand extensions is similar to our tape-in extensions. Part your hair and adhere the extension to strands of your own hair. When attaching bond extensions, you also have to work your way up from the bottom to the top and do the back of your head first before attaching the hair extensions to the sides.

For attaching the bond extensions, you can use our Rubin miniature straightening iron, which works very well. Please note that attaching the bond extensions does require some practice. Therefore, you should ask a professional to help you with these types of extensions. That way, you will be able to enjoy your new, beautiful look in no time at all!


Anwendung_Haarsthränen_Extensions Anwendung_Haarsthränen_Extensions  Anwendung_Haarsthränen_Extensions Anwendung_Haarsthränen_Extensions


Part your hair with a comb and put the upper part of the hair up with a clip so that it does not interfere with the next steps. Using a stem comb, take a strand of hair from the lower part of the hair directly where you had parted it. This strand of hair should be as wide as the bond strand that will be attached to it.


Place the extension approx. 2 mm above the scalp onto your strand of hair and glue it on.


Work your way up using the steps 1 through 2 on the back of the head, part by part and strand by strand. Then do the same to the sides of your head.


Do not attach the Keratin bond extensions too close to your face. If the extensions are too close, they could be become visible when you put up your hair in a ponytail or do other updos.

Anwendung_Micro_Ringe_Extensions  Anwendung_Micro_Ringe_Extensions Anwendung_Micro_Ringe_Extensions Anwendung_Micro_Ringe_Extensions

Unsere Beauty-Experten empfehlen: 

1 – 3 Packungen für eine Haarverdichtung 

3 – 6 Packungen für eine komplette Haarverlängerung 

Micro Ring Extensions sind die besonders schonende Variante der Haarverlängerung. Sie werden ohne Hitze oder Kleber rein mechanisch im Haar befestigt und verwandeln Deinen Schopf dauerhaft in eine atemberaubende Haarpracht. Besonders gut eignet sich diese Haarverlängerung für dünneres Haar, das sich mit unserem gesund glänzenden Echthaar unsichtbar auffüllen lässt. 



One Piece Extensions – never have hair extensions been this easy to use! Do you dream of wonderfully thick, silky, long hair? But you are concerned that using hair extensions will be too much of a hassle? Now this worry can be a thing of the past because our One Piece Extensions have made the use of hair extensions very easy. You do not have to align any clips nor do you have to handle an iron to glue the extensions. The following instructions will show you how unbelievably easy it is to create your dream ‘do!

    Anwendung_Flip_In_Extensions  Anwendung_Flip_In_Extensions Anwendung_Flip_In_Extensions Anwendung_Flip_In_Extensions

Step 1

Horizontally part the upper part of your hair just above the hairline on your forehead and put it up. This way you will be able to determine the optimal thread length of your hair extension.

Step 2

Place the thread of the extension around your head and adjust the length to your head circumference. Tie the thread to the end band and fasten it to the selvage.

Step 3

Let down the parted hair. Place the hair extension, which is now perfectly fitted to you, on top of your hair on the above-mentioned line just behind the hairline.

Step 4

Using a tail comb, comb your own hair over the base of the extension to cover it. This way, your little secret will disappear underneath your own top hair and you will look marvelous with breathtakingly beautiful hair.


1. Anwendung für Ponytail / Pferdeschwanz / Zopf

 Ponytail_Anwendung_Rubin_Extensions Ponytail_Anwendung_Rubin_Extensions  Ponytail_Anwendung_Rubin_Extensions Ponytail_Anwendung_Rubin_Extensions





So funktionieren unsere Clip-in Hair Extensions Stirnfransen

Du möchtest Deinen Typ mit einem modischen Fringe verändern, aber nicht Dein eigenes, langes Haar dafür opfern? Dank unserer Haarteile musst Du das auch nicht abschneiden. Und trotzdem kannst Du einen topmodernen, neuen Rahmen für Dein Gesicht haben. Dein neuer Style lässt sich ganz einfach mit Clips in Deinem Eigenhaar befestigen und sitzt dort bombenfest.


Erfahren Sie mehr zu den Möglichkeiten mit Haartressen-Extensions, Flat Wefts. Bei weiteren Fragen lesen Sie gerne unsere FAQ oder schreiben und auf:


Haarwefts_Anwendung Haarwefts_Anwendung Anwendung_Haartressen_Extensions

Especially flat and fine – the flat weft hair extensions

This type of hair extension can very easily be fitted to your head through a special weaving method with micro sealing. Cut off the width that you will need for your extensions. The ends will keep the hair in place. You will not lose any precious human hair when separating the pieces. At the same time, the entire seam will remain clean and in place.

The best part:

It is up to you how you want to attach the flat wefts because there are different methods of doing so: with clips, with adhesive tape, or by sewing them in.

The clips allow you to easily remove the flat weft extensions at any time. In order to attach them, you only need to sew the small clips onto the selvage. Make sure that the color of the clips matches the color of the extensions.

With the tape method, your hair extensions will last you for months. Simply fasten the Rubin extension tapes to the upper seam of the hair piece and then glue the hair pieces into your hair.

You can also simply sew the flat wefts directly into your hair. For that, all you have to do is gather your hair in a ponytail that sits very close to your scalp. Then, sew the seam of the hair piece directly to it. You should use needle and thread specifically made for extensions.