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Flat weft – the most versatile human hair pieces ever!

Our flat wefts bring a vast range of possibilities of attaching extensions into your home:

  • gluing
  • sewing
  • clipping

Anything is possible. You decide whether you want to wear your new hair day and night or whether you prefer to wear it on special occasions only. Furthermore, you are able to hide the extremely flat selvedges neatly in your own hair. No one will be aware of your little beauty secret.

Attaching the flat weft human hair pieces is simple: each package includes one flat weft hair extension, which can be divided into as many individual tresses as you want. The selvedge is made in such a way that no valuable hairs will be lost when dividing the extension hair piece. Thus, you will be able to adjust the length of the hair tresses to your head.

Afterwards, each individual piece can be sewed directly into your hair. If you are choosing the clip method, simply sew our clip-in extensions spare clips to the selvage. If you prefer to glue the hair pieces into your hair instead, simply add some glue to the selvage. Then work the hair piece into your own hair to add length and volume for a breathtakingly beautiful head of hair!

You can also vary the lengths of the tresses. Our Rubin line and exclusive Premium line offer the longest lengths with a silky shimmer. Style or even cut the hair as you like to create any look you desire!